Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Is The Serial Number On My Wii Is It Safe To Give The First 6 Digits Of Wii Serial Number?

Is it safe to give the first 6 digits of Wii serial number? - where is the serial number on my wii

I sell my Wii on eBay and someone asks you for the first 6 digits. Why is this so and is sure to give this information?


MrDaft said...

Of course, what do they want to know what mod chip would be able to use. Do not enter the entire number.
The mod chips to work with certain types of tables and players. Depending on which (the model number from the S / N), the person may need another chip, or even a mod chip could be available for one can not be found.

B B said...

Yes, of course

Dan said...

Nintendo has changed the hardware of the Wii for less mod'able pirates. It is likely that the buyers want to know what the Wii version are available to determine how easy it is to mod.

I see no problem with disclosure of this information. You are not to disclose private information.

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