Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leafgreen White Screen Pokemon Leafgreen Picture?

Pokemon leafgreen picture? - leafgreen white screen

Pokemon Leaf Green my sending a photo is not only a white screen with beautiful sounds


PLaiL said...

may be due to a lack of data, or should I just someone trying to be cleaned very dirty inside, but do not you make may break if you know what you are doing

Aether said...

Is the new game? If so, you've probably damaged a game in hand. Just back to the store and enter a replacement refund.

If you had the game for a while, maybe a little dirty, blow into the cartridge and see if it helps. If not, can not be broken for reasons of age (the game is available for some time!)

Hope this helps.

Oliver said...

I think you have is a party badly damaged /, try it on the store and exchange it

BamBam said...

hmmm thats weird, maybe your game can b damaged

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