Monday, February 22, 2010

Herpes And Itching Legs Living W/herpes, Can U Have Pain Aroud Ovaries, Uterus?

Living w/herpes, can u have pain aroud ovaries, uterus? - herpes and itching legs

I was diagnosed about 7-8 months ... only some of the symptoms of each month, some easier than others, and how often I get the feeling, the feeling in my legs and sometimes itchy, maybe a back problem and maybe 2 or three large pencil chewing gum balls hard on my back, but never my Vagina .... this time also his very irritated by, including the buttocks bumps all over but all that itching and monetary reduction in size by the right of my cat, who presented with 1 weeks ago, but they began over 4 -5 days, and cramps have since become a bit like period cramps and a slight tension, without internal itching .... I recently into a new relationship and he knows, my state, that he had too much approved and are sexually active, the lastwhen they had sex was 2 weeks and the condom has a break in it, I'm not worried about being pregnant, because I do not think you have more children after my first child to receive j I have tried in the past and not at all in the ... More curiously linked to the pain w / herpes, because it is very confusing and might think I'm just a house, but perhaps a different standard. So, I had very severe headaches, nausea and vomiting. I eat healthy foods and taking vitamins daily get excersize regularly and still feels very weak / .. tired and a little confused. I also have one quarter the size hit my leg below the knee, itching can just look painful to the touch ....that the staphylococcal infection, or perhaps the description sounds like syphilis are higher for that.

any advice would be helpful ... I have an appointment next week, doctors have tried before, but no luck. In just give what is usually herpes cramps?


Dan said...

Only have pain in the legs and lower back, to do with herpes.

None of the other symptoms you have described, have been reported with people with herpes simplex. The doctors appointment is the best idea, because the symptoms early signs of serious illness.

If your cramps are worse and are not associated with a point or has a fever or a wound on his leg before the deterioration of the appointment with your doctor in the emergency room.

The clear rejection may be a sign of vaginal infection or other sexually transmitted diseases, but I would try to diagnose the symptoms, because it tends to be unreliable.

Hope this helps


LINDSEY S said...

I have herpes, but no abdominal pain or other symptoms you have, if I make a point of bursting. You should know that herpes make you sterile. Could an infection of some sort, migraine or detoxify your body is something that is regularly used to get, like sugar or caffeine. But this does not explain the bumps. Herpes can appear on the bottom, but not often away from damp areas of the body such as legs. Tar few interruptions cause flu-like symptoms, fatigue and headaches can be explained. One more thing, the pain from ovulation, which usually comes around when she could ovulate. Indeed result in some fatigue and abdominal pain or cramps, and headache sometimes. So arise, sometimes these symptoms, such as weeklyor 2 after the period. Women with herpes can be triggered at this time. The pain usually lasts one or two days. Seek medical attention and ask them to do some tests on the right side, and let them know your symptoms. They usually have a look at the bruise on his leg.

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