Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Million-dollar Screenwriting Torrent How Much Would A Million Dollar Insurance Policy Cost For One Day?

How much would a million dollar insurance policy cost for one day? - the million-dollar screenwriting torrent

I wanted a wedding outside on the campus of my university, but we have no assurance of a million dollars a day just that, would it be useful for me to do and at what price? Any help would be good. Thank you.


mbrcatz said...

Is the price for the wedding of one million dollars? You can get the coverage of special events, but I want you liabiilty general reporting.

I also think it is very likely that if the parents have a policy of homeowners and roof, they will cover they need without additional cost would be. If not, the roof, people will probably cost him less than $ 200.

eofficia... said...

it's cheap

van_at_l... said... It would be about $ 350. Written guidelines exist on paper Clarendon. Extensive coverage of current events. If you are in New York, I can help.

Judy said...

You could call a few insurance agencies and ask them. I think it would be high. I moved to somewhere else at the wedding and save money for a house or something more lasting.

insuranc... said...

Many schools require that you have an insurance in case of occurrence of damage in the event. These measures are not expensive. Go talk to a local independent agent. If he / she did not offer such a policy (the people) and then request a referral to someone who does.

If you host on campus, the policy in May expensive. If you entrance into a room, have their own scope.

Good luck and congratulations on your wedding.

clowmy said...

Hello G, sounds like a lot of crap for me. Find another place to get married. You need to get all their money after marriage. A friend.


Sara said...

Crazy In any case, sounds to me, I suggest you a church to become a member and they married there. Much easier:) also most of the pastors / priests even offered to free weekly marriage counseling before marriage.

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