Monday, February 15, 2010

Wet Macular And Cataracts Has A Cataract Operation Made Dry Macular Degeneration Become Wet?

Has a cataract operation made dry macular degeneration become wet? - wet macular and cataracts

There are a few isolated incidents of progression of wet macular degeneration after cataract surgery - was not tested.

Cataracts in a clouding of the lens in front of your eyes. This lack of transparency "of images and prevents the light entering the eye. Even with the physician, advanced cataract, AMD can not see, because you can not see through the cloudy lens.

What was once a simple decision that the cataract surgery will be even more complicated when a person has macular degeneration. Some doctors recommend that patients waiting for cataract AMD vision loss is more serious will be done before the operation.

If blurred vision is a cataract becomes even clearer when the cataract is removed. But ifBlurred vision is macular degeneration, blurred vision will still be present after cataract surgery.

According to Dr. Lylas Mogk, Visual Rehabilitation and Research
Center Henry Ford Health System Eye Care Services:

"Some studies and anecdotal evidence that cataract surgery increases the wet macular degeneration and can make matters worse, even though this has not been definitively proven."


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