Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vertical Offset Smoker Which Is Better - An Offset Or Vertical Bbq Smoker? The Main Thing I Will Be Smoking Is Brisket And Ribs.?

Which is better - an offset or vertical bbq smoker? The main thing I will be smoking is brisket and ribs.? - vertical offset smoker

I prefer the indirect heat to low and slow. Most masters use the grill cooks smokers compensated. Good for the chest, ribs and shoulders.


mlz19408... said...

Sorry,,,, why all the money ....???
By 1800, smoking was a canvas tent
Indians still steamed over an open fire
In the 60s, I used a cardboard refrigerator
with pins to support the old oven and grill racks
and an electric hotplate low
Woman in his decision that the house filled with smoke from oak. ☺

fasteddy... said...

I use a ceramic smoker be primo to simulate a green egg. I get very good results for cooking low and slow. They are expensive, but there is nothing to rust, as in other smokers.

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