Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Live With Cervical Myelopathy I Live In Ohio And Don't Have Health Insurance Through My Employer, I Need Surgery For Cervical Disc Disease.

I live in Ohio and don't have health insurance through my employer, I need surgery for cervical disc disease. - how to live with cervical myelopathy

I'm much too much money to qualify for Medicaid, and my employer offers no health insurance. I think I need surgery for diseases of the cervical spine degeneration. Can anyone give my ideas, like the MRI and the surgery requires little or no cost? Any response would be very grateful. I am in great pain. Thank you.


Lissacal said...

My best advice is to look in your local Yellow Pages and make calls for estimated costs at facilities in your area. The prices vary depending on the state you are in ... In fact, prices may vary slightly among institutions differ in the same area. I work in a permanent center for free pictures and we charge about half what the hospital (in the same city!) Expenses. Look in the yellow pages under "x-ray or" physicians - radiologist, and start calling facilities. When you call to ensure the imaging department of a hospital, that you both the technical fee () for the costs) and fees (for the radiologist reading. Imaging centers, most free to combine these fees are in a single payment. Other things to think whether the ..... Facility offers a cash discount for uninsured patients. where I work, we offer 40% discount on the cost of the CT and MRI for uninsured patients, when the total number of days pay for a service. Also, see if you can schedule a payment for you if you do not come with money, if youR procedure. We require a 25% time service, and then make a payment plan, drawing the balance of payments monthly. Sometimes the monthly payment is fairly low .....$ 50 also. A little research can save you money!

the_drag... said...

The best option is to buy their own insurance. However, since no evidence is not yet officially no pre-existing condition. However sure you try everything before the surgery. Use that as a last resort.

And vote Democrat next time people like you can have access to adequate health care.

wolfe031... said...

Check with your local welfare office to see the spot, if you can help, check with the hospital care love.

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