Monday, January 18, 2010

Cyclobenzaprine And Hydrocodone Should I Be Thankful?

Should I be thankful? - cyclobenzaprine and hydrocodone

Ok, so I have this shoe box in my room under my bed full of hydrocodone pills (, VYVANSE, Valium, cyclobenzaprine, etc. ..), which is a lot of the monetary value of things .... anyway, today while I was in school, my mother went through my room and just when I wanted to open my box of pills that my brother came and took from it .... went and threw the last pill every ... At first I was very glad to know he saved me, but I'm really angry that all is lost. That's a lot of money and have no funds to buy more pills ...


Anonymous said...

She has received a large donation. You do not need all that junk! Be thankful they are healthy and happy. So many people would really like to change places with you. Stay away from drugs - do not work for you.

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