Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Error Message On Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector - Peak Level Reading Question?

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Peak Level Reading Question? - error message on carbon monoxide detector

I find the Kidde KN-COPP-3-detector, and a little effort, how they work.

So far I have not had any alarms always go get a reading of zero. But today when I got home, I had the message "Err" error that appears when I tested the memory and the peak appears as the "999". When I try to now, but the drive reads "0".

How is it possible that I have read and 999ppm alarm never went away? Is it because of the error that show today? The equipment plugs, when I checked, I believe, exactly what would have happened, had a brief spikes / blackout, but my neighbors say, there is no such thing.

Only question and ask what is trying to say this machine. I am looking for a range of customer service, so you see yourself.

(For comparison, I am not now, I have recently learned symptoms of CO poisoning, but for reasons of safety, I opened my window and, after severalAn examination of the device.)


Tony said...

Check the reading of more advanced cases, but only 999, which kills. I heard something more than 100 for a few minutes, can be fatal. Chances are that, apart from his travels. Message. Someone reads a peak of more than 16 times, but the only time I saw a large number fail or if the battery is dead, and reset the battery / device.

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