Monday, January 4, 2010

Broken Capillaries On The Breast Are These Broken Capillaries Or The Start Of Stretch Marks?

Are these broken capillaries or the start of stretch marks? - broken capillaries on the breast

Yesterday it developed small red spots on my breasts, which look like broken capillaries like me (I) was looking for pictures on the net. Brands are in a pattern that seems to coincide with the bra in one breast, but I know that the bra is sitting well (I just went for a cup size that fits well). In the other breast, I have the same red marks that look like they are parallel to my veins (or milk ducts, or something else, I'm not sure). They do not hurt or anything, but seemed to come from nowhere. What's happening? If this is to start as the grooves, or something more? I have 18 weeks of pregnancy. Thank you!


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