Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pictures Of Gum Infections Just Found A Lump In The Gum Of My Cheek, The Same Colour - NOT Above My Tooth?

Just found a lump in the gum of my cheek, the same colour - NOT above my tooth? - pictures of gum infections

Basically, this week was) I have a large ulcer in my lower gum (between lower lip and gum to the teeth. It is still there, but less painful, and (hopefully improved).

Anyway, at that moment I felt a lump in his cheek, and that's a long ISH's red bump with a small white or on top of the cream. (Sorry, to go into too much detail ...)

It's not hurting now, and I wonder whether an infection or if I just cut .. Chewing gum?

I do not think this is an abscess, because I saw pictures of them and see how they usually located in the gum above the teeth, but the gum in the cheek.

It also has an ulcer has nothing to do with getting this done? I am a teenager and recently went to the dentist and told me I may have wisdom teeth, but in a completely different place in the world!

If anyone can help me, thanks! :)


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