Friday, December 4, 2009

Escort In New Jersey Myamee Car Owner Situation! -New Jersey Law?

Car owner situation! -New Jersey Law? - escort in new jersey myamee

Ok, so is the story that I received a car of my unckle when he was 16 years old to ride, but my mother's name, because even at my age. I was the only person who spoke to the car and my mother, even with the car and "take the car and meet me," what it was used. I had filed a report to the police against my father and now has a restraining order against him and not live with my mother and stepfather. I moved a month ago and went to the local judge about the car. He gave the police car and escorted me into the house to collect materials. My mother gave me the car and the registration and told the police couldnt find the title obvisouly shit. Now, after the police, they can not just go and rip the place apart, and the light and live in New York and lives in New Jersey and not for me to speak. What should I do? Thank you very much!


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