Friday, November 6, 2009

Upper Stomach Pain Causes More Condition_symptoms Could A Gall Bladder Cause More Acid Reflux And Upper Stomach Pain And What Foods Should I Stay Away From?

Could a gall bladder cause more acid reflux and upper stomach pain and what foods should i stay away from? - upper stomach pain causes more condition_symptoms

again in June, I had my gallbladder out now my stomach still looks


moonligh... said...

Sounds like you might have an ulcer. Eat a diet that little for a few weeks, nothing spicy, no tomatoes, onions or garlic, etc. No citrus, no chocolate. Drink lots of water. Since he was 6 months she had gall bladder, probably not. Try a drug like Prilosec OTC and see if it helps.

If pain persists or worsens, you go a gastrointestinal specialist and ask them to write a prescription for Nexium or something. You may even feel like an upper endoscopy to ensure that it does not bleed.

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