Friday, November 6, 2009

Aluminum Boat Floor Does Anyone Know If/how You Can Customize A Small Fishing Boat?

Does anyone know if/how you can customize a small fishing boat? - aluminum boat floor

I after 14 'aluminum fishing boat. The problem is that most seem to have 3 seats bench. I would like to remove these "banks" and a floor made of plywood, then get the seats in the stalls, by visiting a nursery, and some other misc. bins. I have no idea how or whether this is possible. No help is welcome. Websites would be amazing, or if you did something and does not bother me a million e-mails out of the question, leave your address! Thank you very much, and tight lines this summer!


solo_pow... said...

Seriously ... Make more to buy a boat, it's what you want. Or ... Buy an open boat () empty and expand. It will be cheaper in the long run and thus more mods in line with their ideas. It is logical that the United Nations to build a boat back to the building.

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